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Happy In Your Space 

 Organise and Declutter Your Home | Advice on Storage Solutions

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Do you want help with declutter?


  • Are you drowning in ‘stuff’?


  • Do you have trouble finding things?


  • Do you tell yourself you’ll tidy up, but never get round to it?


HappyInYourSpace is here to help!


...and can restore order and peace to your surroundings, from years of professional training and experience.





As a fully trained member of APDO, the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers, HappyInYourSpace can help you to declutter and organise your home, provide you with organising and decluttering tips and help with your ongoing home organisation, as well as source your storage solutions: so that you can be ‘happy in your space.’




‘Charlotte is an absolute asset. She is efficient, reaching my goal to declutter and transform a room without a fuss. She is - importantly - non judgmental, and in no way do you feel you have to tidy the place prior to her arrival. 


I thoroughly recommend her and have a super kitchen, bedroom and numerous cupboards as testament to her skills.’

Kate, Acton