I worked as an actress for several years, got married, and was then employed as a copy editor in publishing.

I went on to have four boys, who are now adults, and so I have plenty of experience of keeping a house tidy.

My acting background helps me ‘get into the shoes’ of another person,  and see things from their point of view.

My experience of editing correlates to the ability to tidy and declutter a living space, in order to realise the client’s vision for the room.

Before my last house move, I did a lot of clearing out. After moving into the new house, which had a very different layout in terms of storage facilities, I got everything sorted and put away within two weeks. However, many people find this process tedious or overwhelming and they would much rather be doing something else. So if you hire me you can do something else! Your strengths may lie in other areas, so I would love to make this aspect of your life as pain free and happy as possible.


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