How it works

You get in contact, ideally an email with a photo or two; we arrange a mutually convenient time for me to visit and start helping you with the spaces that need an extra pair of hands to tidy and declutter. Then I help you to TIDY your stuff and REMOVE what you don’t want to keep  (i.e. DECLUTTER) and ORGANISE what you want to stay.

Or it can be done virtually – not as weird as it sounds. We connect through Facetime or Zoom. You take your device to the relevant areas and then you tell me what you want doing, and I just make suggestions or give instructions to get the items sorted and tidied. A minimum booking is of 1 hour.

For this I charge £20 per hour, as with face to face tidying.

  • Client confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • A fresh objective pair of eyes can help you become ‘happy in your space’.

Apart from the differences in minimum length of session, the Ts and Cs below remain unchanged.


The charge is £20 per hour, with ideally a minimum booking of three hours.

A non-refundable deposit of 100% of the cost of the first session is payable to secure the first booking. The balance of each subsequent session is payable at the end of the session with cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Decluttering your home can be emotionally and physically draining so taking short breaks is advisable. If we need a meal break during a full day, the time taken for this will not be charged for.


‘I just got home, and it made such a massive difference. Thank you so much!’

John, Kensington


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